What is Osteopathy?

Osteopathy is a natural, hands-on and holistic approach to healthcare. Osteopathy is based on extensive knowledge and understanding of anatomy, physiology, patho-physiology and biomechanics. The Osteopathic Manual Practitioner recognizes that the individual is comprised of body, mind and spirit and treatments in osteopathy’s whole body approach attempts to balance these aspects of the person. The aim of Osteopathic Manual Practitioners is to optimize the self-healing mechanism of the body. Osteopathy can complement a multidisciplinary approach to healthcare.

Osteopathic Manual Therapists can help treat a variety of symptoms experienced from: acute or chronic pain, neck, shoulder, back and joint pain, repetitive strain injuries, sports injuries, postural problems, TMJ/jaw problems, nerve pain: sciatic, numbness & tingling, difficult digestion, post- surgical recovery, paediatric conditions, painful menstrual/ovulation, chronic pelvic pain, pregnancy discomfort, labour preparation & post-natal care.

Osteopathy treatments are beneficial and safe for people of all ages, even for babies and children; unsettled babies, colic, recurrent ear infections.

What to expect?

Your Osteopathic Manual Therapist will conduct an overall physical assessment and will review and discuss the findings of the assessment and propose a treatment plan. Treatment sessions include gentle hands-on techniques to improve your health and well being. Osteopathic treatments focus on balancing the neurological and musculoskeletal structures of the body. Loose, comfortable clothing is recommended for all treatment sessions. Treatment sessions are one-on-one in a private treatment facility and can last anywhere from 45-60 minutes.

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